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About Us


Welcome to Reliable Tax Claim: we know from our own practice just how much hard work it can be dealing with HM Revenue & Customs. We understand the complications that you meet trying to recover your hard earned money. Reliable Tax Claim specialises in the management of tax refund claims on behalf of our customers.  We are an expanding business that provides a professional, efficient and value for money service to take the hassle out of tax claims, ensuring that our customers can claim the maximum amount of overpaid tax back in the shortest possible time.


Reliable Tax Claim has satisfied a number of different kinds of customers. Our target is to have all of our customers 100% happy with our service. That is why, for instance, we keep our customers up to date and ensure the successful resolution of their claims. Moreover, we take away from them all the trouble in relation to complicated paper work and calculation. All they have to do is just fill up an application and wait for their tax refund.


Reliable Tax Claim now provides two different tax rebate services:


Uniform Tax Rebate – which is a simple and cost efficient way to claim tax rebate/relief on employment costs the same as uniform, work-wear and specialist clothing laundry and maintenance costs.

Leaving the UK Tax Rebate – which is an easy and low cost way to claim tax rebate for UK leavers. Regardless of where the customer is now, within or outside the country, Tax Boomerang will take care of the entire process of a tax rebate and dealing with HM Revenue & Customs. This means that all that has to be done is fill up an application, send it back to us and wait for the tax refund.


Reliable Tax Claim helps many people to make sense of the UK’s complicated tax system and recover overpaid tax. Please, choose the relevant service from our website and we will do all the hard work for you.