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How does the Reliable Tax Claim service work?


Enter your details onto the Uniform Tax Rebate Calculator to see how much your claim could be worth.

When you submit your online application form, we will check and email your form to complete and E-sign.  Please check your email address (including Junk/Spam Folder).

Once you complete and E-sign the online form, we will start the tax rebate process and contact HM Revenue & Customs directly. We will also ensure you pay less tax every month to cover any future uniform laundry expenses

You should get your tax rebate. Your tax code should change within the following 12 weeks and if that happens, you will need to pay less tax in future.


What kind of paper work, will I to provide to support my claim?

You will not have to provide receipts and any other form of proof of your expenditure because the uniform laundry allowance is based on flat rate expenses (check it with HMRC guidance, here). Consequently, your claim should go without any additional correspondence with HMRC.


How long will I have to wait for my tax refund?

It depends upon how busy the HMRC is. A standard claim procedure takes about twelve weeks, in some cases it could take longer.  If you do not get any reply from the tax office within 16 weeks, please reapply for your tax refund via our website.


How I will get my tax refund?

Your tax refund will be sent by cheque directly to the address that you have provided.


What is a uniform?

Any distinctive clothing that you only wear for work may classed as a uniform. Regardless of your profession, everything from a T-shirt with a company logo on it, a Hi Vis vest to nurses’ tights is regarded as a uniform from a tax point of view.

You cannot get uniform laundry allowance if your employer provides you with clothing (T-shirt without logo) that you could wear on a daily basic outside of work and you cannot get a tax relief for wearing your own clothes.


How much tax can I claim?

If you are working in an uniform and you have to wash it at your own cost, you can get specific tax relief. The relief rate depends on the industry that you are working in. The basic tax allowance amount is £60 per year but certain trades have a higher amount that may result in a greater tax refund. The basic tax relief is 20% (40% higher rate) of the tax allowance. Moreover, you will get some interest on overpaid tax held by HMRC for earlier years.


What is the Flat Rate Expenses?

Flat rate deductions, also known as a Flat Rate Expenses, are amounts that HMRC has agreed with specific trade unions. The deductions cover what is typically spent each year by employees in various trades, whilst carrying out their work duties.

This means that you do not have provide receipts for any individual amounts you may spend and you do not have be a member of a trade union to qualify.

The Flat Rate Expenses increase the tax code of employees so they are allowed to generate more income before it is taxed.


Can I claim my tax back when I am outside the country?

Yes you can claim back any tax you may have overpaid, even if you have already left the United Kingdom. So long as you submit a claim through Reliable Tax Claims within 4 years of leaving the UK, along with the necessary documents you will still be eligible.


What is a Self-Assessment/Tax Return?

The self-assessment / tax return is used to calculate how much tax you owe from the earnings you declare on the form. A tax return is used to state taxable income and capital gains and to reclaim expenses and reliefs.


Who needs to complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return?

Not everyone needs to complete a tax return. If your tax affairs are straightforward you may already pay all of the tax due on your earnings through your tax code.